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important benefits  
easy tracking
manage & track company expenses, absenteeism, contracting fees, meetings, training evaluations & company incidents. real-time reporting ensures managers know exactly what is happening now & can act timeously .

fraud reduction
monitor & eradicate fraudulent behaviour by utilising your custom approval process to record, track & act on suspicious data. all information is contained in a secure company audit trail this allows for easy problem resolution.

return on investment (ROI)
the main consideration when investing is generally a clear & transparent ROI. we believe that we offer tangible cost savings & allow for a better use of company resources. please checkout our ROI calculator - it allows you to enter custom figures & calculates answers based on these (with full explanations).
reduce carbon footprint
the paperless office & the carbon reduction (& other environmental) benefits associated with it have finally taken a step closer to reality with the automation of processes contained in office management. our paper counter gives tangible evidence of the efforts of your company to reduce its carbon emission.
important features  
timesheet management
streamline employee (both regular & contractor) time tracking & payroll management by creating custom timesheets & setting a pre-defined approval path (system allows for a guest user & guest approver). this allows management to immediately authorize/deny requests & for external payroll systems to be updated.
expense management
users can claim expenses on-the-go & attach digital receipts immediately (for auditing purposes). management can set category limits & monitor/report on individual/departmental spending. multiple currencies, default VAT/GST rates & exporting data to financial software packages are just some of the features.
absence management
control who takes leave, when & why. view types of absence by user and/or department throughout your entire organisation. track & act on employee absenteeism (ensure the business is never short-staffed).

every company has its own way of doing things - we understand this & realise you will want to tailor-make aspects of the system to meet your specific requirements. no customisation job is too big or small for us!
why not try our demos?
please click on the video links below for a quick overview of what the system can offer each type of user. you will get to see the system in action from different perspectives - hopefully this will give you an insight into the potential benefits of using office management.
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